Washed up here (2016-2017)

Washed up here is video installation that responds to UK’s recent decision of leaving the European Union. Since a significant part of the Brexit campaign used stereotypes as a political tool, in this project I approach a similar tactic in an ironic manner in order to accentuate the problematics behind such methods of propaganda.

Lorea, Carmen and Samantha are three spanish mermaids that washed up on an island and start gossiping about English men and their behaviour towards Spanish women in a dramatic yet humorous way . The symbol of the mermaid here is quite important as it’s,yet again,  playing with the stereotype of what the half fish half female represents in both mythical and historical contexts: a lonesome, vicious creature that attracts sailors with her voice and femininity in order to kill them.

The video displayed on the website should be seen as a web version since the work was originally displayed in the shape of an installation.

Animation executed by Fabio Sayegh.

Lorea, Carmen and Samantha wish to remain anonymous.